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Raphael paintings

I have only painted two paintings of the experience of the shameless to answer. Really non-professional, big touch please tender criticism.

I did not seriously learn about a year sketch, and then very uncomfortable. The Want to paint color ah color, and then directly for the election of the oil painting.
The following is the slag, a lot of inclusive, light spray.




Copy the teacher's painting, but the whole process of the teacher did not care for me ... so it is self-study it ... probably each with three or four pm, the painting is so cool, tune the pigment is very fun, the only bad mood is even the hair has a pigment The
With my current memory, I think the color is not the most difficult part, the most difficult is how to use the color to express the sense of structure and sense of hierarchy, because the two are relatively static, so want to draw a dynamic beauty is more difficult to estimate
As for the painting of these two paintings experience, I want to say that no matter what the painting is very happy, and finished when the kind of sense of accomplishment is really cool than anything else, and oil painting is this feeling. The After painting finished all feel is not their own painting. The And more important to me is that I decided to learn the basic things, because they are far worse, a good work is numerous practice out of the pile.

And then eggs, I was delayed for a year.
Because then I was a high school girl did not test art, roll to learn.
Say more are tears ... envy art students ...

Raphael art reproductions


study paintings

There is no art talent, but want to paint oil painting for a long time, just a friend wanted to go, went to a zero base oil painting studio, and now a lot of this studio (no basis to suggest painting can draw on the public comment Find this studio, take the first step)
The following is my first painting in life painting (copy of the painting, the left is the work, the right is the color of the painting)


Because with the first time, I feel pretty good, then have been trying to draw a picture, the last time in the gallery to see someone else painting a very liked, so he would like to try


Like, want to put the family, but this piece is more difficult, need to use a scraper to draw, because no art cells, but also like to also bravely tried the next look


My step is to first sketch the background, then press the copy on the partition, the color


Just finished the background, that is more difficult to color


Semi-finished products




Before and after the crazy six hours after the finally completed! The The
Life in the second painting, self-feeling ok, Kazakhstan, self intoxicated about! The Can be broken to the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ps: hope to read the next comment Oh, shooting! The