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Thomas W. Schaller on the systemic approach to watercolors

In the life of the American artist Thomas W. Schaller it all began with architecture. At first he became known to the world as the author of the professional bestseller "The Art of Architectural Drawing". It was so useful to professionals that it is almost impossible to find it on a free sale. The hobby for watercolor technique also moved Thomas to create certain basic knowledge, and the modern art world got acquainted with a new primer textbook - "Architecture in Watercolors". He completely repeated the fate of his predecessor: it is impossible to find it in a bookshop.



The artist is endowed with an innate talent for communication, so rare for members of this profession. It is this quality that explains the success of the books he wrote, which also forces him to conduct endless seminars and lectures for American students. It is not enough for a true master to master craftsmanship - for the fullness of his own realization he must share it with an infinite number of other thirsty apprentices Michael Cheval art for sale.

Architecture is another destiny, but in the watercolor technique Thomas W. Schaller really surpassed all. His hand made this material as obedient as acrylic, pastel or gouache: all the lines are very clear, and all the color solutions, not a tint, did not change the shade of their own accord. Ordinary contemplative sometimes does not even recognize the material that this American artist uses. And it never happened with watercolor until it was touched by the hand of this American architect and landscape painter.







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