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Taking in his tiny hand a small bug, the kid asked:
"Mom, what kind of bug is this?"
"It's a firefly."
Despite the fact that it is small, it can emit light.

The kid thought about it and asked:
- Why is it glowing?
- A firefly is a child of light, but it shines only at night.
When other bugs sleep, he stands guard over the light, illuminating the path to those who need it.
Fireflies are not so much to light up the night, but when they light their flashlights, people think that these are the precious stones scattered on the ground.



"It's good to be a firefly!" - clapped joyfully the kid in hands.
"I would so like to become a firefly," he added sadly.
"Do not be sad, my sun," she said, taking her son's hand softly in her hand. "When a person does good and gives love, he brings light, the more good things he does, the more the light flares up in him."



It is difficult to see such people among other people, they can be felt by heart, because their flashlights are their hearts, and the fire in them is bright and warm.
The Lord and the angels, seeing from heaven, see their golden hearts and rejoice.

Create love and goodness and become a firefly!

Tatyana Simonova



Today Katya has a holiday and she will be a princess.
And what princess?
On the Rights of the Fairies I appoint her a princess of fireflies!
Let the day pass fabulously with a lot of surprises and delights!


In the magic of sunset, the evening fades,
In the magic of sunrise, the moon hides,
Angels at night light candles,
Fairy-tale fantasies your life is full.

In the old castle, the elves gathered for the feast
And the princess turns, lightness is full,
The lonely wanderer peeped in,
In the spray of the waterfall rocks cling.

The sleeping forest is shrouded in a star-covered veil,
Fireflies flying beckon lights,
Fairy magician slowly, tiredly
In the depths he sinks all your dreams.

Do not be sad, dear, the whole world outside the door,
Smile, wake up, look out the window,
There you will see pine trees, a new day shines,
You paint faster than life canvas ...

Olga Severova-Constance


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