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The Parable of the Eagle

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Once a man found an egg and put it to the hen.
Orlyonok grew up with the chickens and became like them: he cackled, as they, dug in the ground in search of worms, flapping wings and trying to fly.
Years have passed. Once an already grown eagle saw a proud bird in the sky.
With extraordinary grace she overcame the gusts of the wind, only occasionally flapping her large wings.
Enchanted, the eagle asked:
- Who is it?
"It's an eagle, the king of all birds," the neighbor answered him. "He belongs to the sky."
And we, the chickens, belong to the land.
So the eagle lived like a ch Stan Solomon paintings

icken and died like a chicken, because he believed in his chicken origin.
Your environment affects you, whether you like it or not, remember this, and that the limiting beliefs of this environment are not at all the yardstick of your abilities.

Taken from Boris Kobzar

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