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Actual poetry

N.Nekrasov (1821 - 1877)

I opened the book today,
And I read in it:
There were times worse,
But there was no base ...

B.Sh. Okudzhava (1924 - 1997)

The universal experience says,
that the kingdoms are dying
not because life is heavy
or terrible toll.
And they die because
(and the more painful the longer)
that the people of his kingdom
do not respect more.

Alexander Aronov.

The poem is called "1956"

"In broad daylight

My grave will be dug.

And then me


Buckle from the belt,

With an overture roll

Will beat me

Comrades in the face.

They will dance on bones,

The woman will be raped Martin Beaupré art


And then they will forgive.

And then they will have mercy.

They will say: your term is all.

Will give me a gift.

Maybe even here

Someone will strike.

The investigator will cry

On my shoulder.

I forgot the sequence,

What do we have for what? ".


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